Bringing them home was the best decision of my life….

Hello everyone hope you are doing great. So here I am with my another blog and today in this blog I am going to tell you how bringing a dog to my life changed everything.

So let’s start from the scratch where I was not this much aware of social animal service but there was a stubbornness in me that I need a pup as my pet. I was in 12th and everything around me changed my friends left me, I was disturbed by many different things. I was left all alone and no one was there with me.

Somehow time passed and I graduated from school. I still remember it was 3rd of December and I found her my saviour who taught me how to live life perfectly. She was a gift from heaven to me. I named her Cookie.


She taught me how to face problems. She gave me another chance to live my life happily. She came into my life as my saviour and she was the one who was there for my support whenever I had any mental breakdown or anything else. Two years passed and she is still there for me in each and every situation.

After her I had one more saviour in my life. She came in my life on 27th August 2020, I named her muffin. I adopted her when she was 1.5 years old. She was used by her previous owners to give birth to sweet babies like her and once she laid the litter she got spayed and was left on roads to survive alone. Fortunately I got her adoption appeal and without any hesitation I accepted her adoption lead.

Muffin taught me to keep patience in every situation. She taught me that you will get what you deserve, you just have to keep patience.


Bringing them both to my life were the best decisions I made in my life.

They came into my life as being my saviour and they are still saving me from different problems I face. Cookie is always there when I cry and Muffin is always there when I loose my patience. Whenever I start loosing my patience I just observe Muffin and just by observing her I gain my patience back.

“ Animals don’t ask you for anything in return of saving you,

They just ask you for your unconditional love”

-Yashika Shekhawat

Cookie and Muffin thinking what should they destroy next

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